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Advanced Techniques For Activating And Incarnating Your Light Body

The lightbody has been very much disconnected from humans for a very long time. This lightbody is the vehicle of higher consciousness which is used to traverse between dimensions and incarnate into various bodies in the material realms.

Unfortunately on earth the Light body fails to incarnate properly as a result of the physical bodies normal maturation and certain practices are required for incarnation and activation to occur.

The astral realms, the collective unconscious and mental and emotional conditioning are the main barriers to the lightbodies incarnation and leave the individual in a state of disconnection, confusion and low vibration. The negativity on earth is truly massive and it succeeds in disconnecting the lightbody and stopping its incarnation.

The main structures that make up the lightbody include The Column, the Chakra's and the Merkaba. If you are not fully aware of these structures and you do not have complete control over them then you can be sure that your lightbody has not incarnated properly and you are living in a state of disconnection. In fact if you do not know experientially that you are a multidimensional being who has had numerous incarnations on earth and also on many other planets and in different dimensions then it is certain that your lightbody does not dwell within your physical body.

The main reason for the lightbodies inability to incarnate is to do with mental and emotional conditioning which is stored in the astral body. Without actively clearing this layer the lightbody cannot be activated and incarnated. For this reason those who wish to achieve spiritual transformation must be familiar with a technique for this purpose. Past Life Regression is an excellent way to do this and its use is strongly recommended before beginning on the light body activation practices you will find here. Also Tantric sex techniques are important as they will raise the vibration of the physical and clear out sexual issues and energy blockages. Please see and

Another important practice that you will learn is the Kundalini activation. You will activate both earth and body Kundalini to help clear out blockages and allow for the grounding of the lightbody. Without the Kundalini being awakened it is impossible for a full incarnation of higher dimensional forces and energies to occur. Also by awakening the Kundalini the etheric and physical bodies are healed and strengthened to an enormous degree.


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